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Flo Rida “Can’t Believe It” CD Available!

on August 20, 2013 - 4:06pm

Flo Rida’s new CD for the single “Can’t Believe It” is now available in the Atlantic webstore! The CD includes the tracks “Can't Believe It” featuring Pitbull, “Tell Me When You Ready” featuring Future, “Sweet Spot 2.0” feature Jennifer Lopez (Remix), and DJ Tight featuring Cupid [Dade County Dip]. Click HERE to pick up your copy now.

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Flo Rida's "Yum Bum" Work Out Tips

on August 19, 2013 - 3:54pm

Flo Rida and his “Yum Bum” girls hit the gym with Fuse News to show off some of his “Yum Bum” work out tips! Watch the video below to learn more about the inspiration behind Flo’s “Can’t Believe It” single and see how you can achieve a “Yum Bum”. Download the new single, “Can’t Believe It” at