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March 6, 2012
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Fresh I Stay feat. Lil Wayne is on "Part 2" Only One Rida, Zoosk girl was only a "promotional single"...........Blame Atlantic Records for only 8tracks they are a money making whore label that force their artists too make music for their benefit, they are ripping people off with full price for a 8 track album, so dont blame Flo Rida he only making the music the people behind the scenes are the ones that are wanting the income!!

Ninjajuggalo's picture

I'm not Tryin to hate, I did like the songs, just wish Flo and the other Rappers would do what Chamillionaire is doing. Chamillionaire isn't listening to the Record Dick Heads who want him to do the 8 to 10 track EP that the Record Industry wants to pawn off as an album. He's sticking to his true self and won't allow them to change him or his music. That takes some balls. I do wanns say that Flo Rida has some good music and has good taste in people. I love the fact that he wants to pay Tribute to the Late but still great Tupac Shakur. Whoop! Whoop!

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WTF!!! Only 8 tracks. Thats not even an album. The Record Industry folks call those EP's. You know whats funny to me is that Insane Clown Posse and Tech N9ne release 8 track EP's for thier fans also, but they don't make you pay no $15 & up for a measly 8 Track EP. They also only release these to wet thier fans appitites for their upcoming album which usually has any where from 15 to 20 tracks on thier ALBUM. I get it though, Flo is just listening to the Record Industry Dicks who oversee his work, even though they themselves probably don't even listen to his music. Thats alrite though, cuz he's made it big now. Makin music for his fans. Even if they are only EP's that cost the same amount as Albums. Get Your money Flo.

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I wish I had a sound card on my computer, someone stole most of my memory and sound card from my computer when they broke into my house.. Oh well, later on today, I will just go and buy the cd and listen to it in my car.

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when is the album in stores in europe??

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LOVE all the songs, lol xD.

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Oh boy, Fresh I Stay and Zoosk Girl are deleted. Damn

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I love Flo Rida...period.

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Oh! there are many good songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!