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Wild Ones ft. Sia

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March 6, 2012
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I Love ?

Julie Boise's Biggest Flo Rida fan's picture

I opened an Itunes account just to purchase Good Feeling and Wild Ones. I bought my first Flo Rida CD the day Only one Flo part 1 dropped. I drove through a snow storm to get it because my radio station wasn't playing Turn Around (1,2,3,4,5) I loved every song on the CD and had to run out and purchase Mail on Sunday and R.O.O.T.S. I loved Low and Right Round but I love so many more songs from his other CD's I had never heard before. I have been waiting for Part 2 to come since Spring 2011 and it is driving me crazy. I had no choice but to join the digital age and purchase the first couple of singles from the much anticipated CD. While I was on Itunes I also got some other Flo Rida songs Where them Girls at with David Guetta and Hangover with Taio Cruz. Everything he touches is Awesome. Yes I graduated high school in the early 80's and I am too old to say Awesome but I can't think of another word.

I see his tour has been posted but no where close to Boise. Please Please come to Boise Idaho.

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BEAST DISCO's picture

oo yeah , my life Flo Rida

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Cant stop listening to it, love it, much love ????

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eu quero qui este site pare de mandar menssagens no meu telefone

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Amazing song crazy Homeboy!!!

See ya Flo Flow!

Greych*, da french fella

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Best song. Sia is awesome with Flo.

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ya party song 2012!!!!!!!!!!thanks flo for giving us a FAAAAAAAAAB song!!!!!!:D

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Wow, great song