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    Let us know where you're from and what Flo Rida track is your favorite!

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on November 16, 2010 - 5:52pm

Let us know where you're from and what Flo Rida track is your favorite!

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I am Debbie Joe (52) from Katy, Texas. I love Good Feeling! It is my favorite song! Love ya Flo Rida!

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Hey Flo okay so its my friends birthday the night you hit Vancouver and he would love to meet you, if you could do anything to help me out id appreciate it like say happy birthday something as long as you make it known his name is Romel. Please help me and my friend out to make his dream come true!!!! Vancouver 19th Rogers Arena! Please please please!!

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Hi I'm Nicolas and I'm from Poland. FLO RIDA is my best singer. His clips and songs make me feel exciting ;D
My Favourite 5 Flo Rida's Songs:
1)Good Feeling
2)Wild Ones
3)Turn Around
5)On and On

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Hello, my name is Danielle!!! I really cant say ALL that in 2000 characters...however, i do love his music (all of it)! and to be honest, he is one of my biggest Musical Motivators. His music makes me realize what I'm capable of, regarding my own music composition styles (techno, trance, instrumental, house/electric, piano, etc), pushing me to do what i love the most--write and compose digital/ instrumental music. I would like to thank him so much for the empowering music!

Have a look for yourself!! DJ Decca101 on youtube! (just getting everything copy-written, so they will be up soon!)

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Hi! I'm Stefan from Belgrade. That's my favourite track by Flo Rida! Please listen!

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I'ma hav to make a change on my fav list:
1. Good Feeling
2. Wild Ones
3. Respirator
4. R.O.O.T.S.
5. Rewind

Keep up th wicked raps Flo,
I cant wait to hear wats on ur Only 1 Rida pt. 2 album
I wish u would hurry up & bust that album out, or at least
give us a hint of whats to come...
P.S. On Youtube, 1 of ur other songs has already been leaked.
Someone, somehow, got ur track: I Gotta Get Ya ft. Ne-Yo
I've only heard it a few times, but I already like that song too...

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My name is Julie from Chicago area. My son passed away over a year ago from a drug overdose. My favorite song is "Good Feeling". I heard it on the radio today on my way home from work. And it's the first time in a long time I've actually felt alive again. It made me want to move forward and have my good memories and not be so down. My son loved rap, he would have loved this song too. Keep up the good work. You are helping people and you don't even know it. Love the song!!!

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I'm glad it was helpful. Thanks for sharing such a great post!
Locksmith Plymouth MA
Peabody Locksmith
Locksmith Revere
Randolph Locksmith

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Flo Rida is Beast !!!

When my cuz (who happens to be from miami), 1st told me about 
Good Feeling, (i'd nvr heard it before that), I heard it,
i've loved it, still do, & i know the whole rap too !!!
(I know its not really ur song cuz its david guetta's,
but i luv Where Them Girls At & I know ur whole rap)
My Fav 5 Flo Rida Songs
1. Good Feeling
2. Respirator
3. Ms. Hangover
4. R.O.O.T.S.
5. Rewind

P.S. Hey Tremar, chk this out dude,
I got a line for you (u outta use this):
(there is no highway, only ur way, cuz...) When U Ride, U Flow, 
An' Das Duh Way It Goes...
Bam! Take dat that to duh bank...

U R My Favorite Hip-Hop/Rapper...
Josh's Fav 5
1. Flo Rida
2. Usher
3. Pitbull
4. B.o.B
5. Black Eyed Peas

Im from Tampa, so I dont forget:
July 31, 2009 - Rays vs. Royals
Postgame Concert - Flo Rida
It was me & 3 of my friends, i loved it, still hav pics, video clips & my printed out ticket just for that game.
I've always wanted to get ur autrograph on that "ticket"
Im a huge fan, cant wait 2 hear what & when u bring out 
Only 1 Flo. pt. II...
My Nickname is J-Dawg,
Im a musician (piano/keyboard)
I luv my music, music is a huge part of my life,
 & i hav every type of genre of music on ipod.
It keeps me going, it gives me ideas, u get what im sayin...
I hope someday i could see another concert & maybe even
get to meet u, that would be cool...

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From sudan and im in london!
People say i look like you man !!!

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and who sings the melody part of Good Feeling? I thought it was him, but my daughters think it's a girl, and now I'm confused........???

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I'm from Dallas-Ft. Worth in the greatest state in the USA.

Favorite song? Good Feeling since I first heard it. Before that, it was "Low"

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15/10/2011 tonight Me & the girls are coming out to see Flo Rida at Chelsea. So excited can't wait......

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Hi Flo Rida your show here in the city of Teresina was wonderful and unforgettable. cheers to you...kisses

Janet's picture

so cool that you are coming to play near our place. chelsea heights just down the road. gonna love it.

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Mr. Flor Rida! Thank you for providing the soundtrack to my friends and mine guys weekend the past 2yrs. Club Can't Handle me was our summer anthem last year and this year, even though it's D. Guetta's ( I see you D. Guetta) song, you rock it.
White 30yr old guys rocking in the North Country of Minnesota! Thank you!

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Hope to see you soon in Berlin again. You were amazing. Ofelia

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Hello Dillard (Flo Rida: DD) I'm looking forward to his coming to Brazil, and even happier because you'll come do a show here in my region Fortaleza - CE. Dil, I am a huge fan of yours, and if you could put me here to watch your show, would be to conduct m DREAM BIG. The number so that my phone is 55 85 8533.8396. Please contact me, or ask someone to call me so I can meet you ok? A big hug and a good tour.

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when u coming to Rio againnn?

floalious's picture

Cant wait till your here in Australia!!!!

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hey this is ur #1 fan and i wanted to say hi and ur HOT!!!!

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I was a Disco DJ back in the 70's and I want to tell you it is great to hear young talent that can sing and put a good melody together. I look forward with pleasure to listening to more of your music. You are proving that Rap does not have to be spoken but can be sung while riding upon a great melody.

Thank you for putting my faith back into the young artists.


Palm Harbor, Florida

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Thanks for coming out to UofR last night. We had a BLAST! You're a great entertainer. We brought our teenage kids along and I really appreciated that all songs were the same language as what we hear on the radio. I was prepared to hear explicit versions, but really impressed by the quality of your music and entertainment- no need to add those nasty words, you and the boys know how to have fun without them. We can't wait to see you come back...maybe VA Beach for Labor Day?

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Hey I am Ms Naughty from England love all your songs cant just choose one would love to meet you at some point as I come every year! Keep on producing good beatz xxxxxx

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Hey My name is Jennifer Marshall, and i am from Sydney CapeBreton Canada, just wondering if Flo-rida is gonna plan on coming back here again, we had a awesome time :) I love all his songs its hard to choose, but if i had to i love In the Ayer, and Elevator :) But again i love them all

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My name is Beth Timbs & I am currently residing CO. My fav is In the Ayer.

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Got questions for Flo Rida? He'll be chatting with soon so send your q's to!

I.S.'s picture

Got questions for Flo? He'll be chatting with soon, so send your q's to!

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hai flo rida