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Amateur, novice and underdog with aspirations to change the world through living my dreams. Music is my passion and writing is my love when I put them together its a ballad. Masterpieces are created by great minds. If they are not given the opportunity to be shared the world will not change and dreams will not come true. People are diamonds in the rough waiting to be pulled out of the murk and miry clay, so why not extend the olive branch to enhance the lives of those with aspirations to change the world through living their dreams? Although I am His masterpiece believe me I'm still a work of art in the the potter's hand because he's not finished with me yet. I desire a strongarm who knows about hard-work and perseverance because I have the determination of a sprinter always prepared for short running events. Not too many people can say they have been to the mountaintop. If you arrive ahead of your time you will find out they are big shoes to fill. No one knows better than you the blood, sweat, heartache, pain, crying and disappointment you went through to make it thus far. You do not arrive there running because you have to learn to crawl, so you can walk the straight and narrow path regardless of the distractions to get you out there looking for love, chasing a piece of paper, changing jobs, purchasing big homes and cars ahead of your time.
Flo Rida
volunteer, writing and music
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Flo Rida and Playing For A Change
United States
Something's Got A Hold On Me