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I have an infectious humour and wit, some may call it coarse, unthinking and uncaring.I can find something funny in every situation i may find, no-matter how dire and dangerous that situation may be, but know humour is a form of defence from the horrors that Iife throws at us. My likes are: Girls, Ladies, Women, Females and all members of the opposite sex. Dislikes are: Craphats, Politicians, Dehydrated ration packs, Hats, Politicians, A girlfriends "Old mans curfew", Bullshite and not forgetting Politicians, who call for war but never put themselves forward to fight in it as Im an ex paratrooper. To have a me as a friend, is to have a true friend, I do not take friendship lightly, always willing to put myself in the way of harm for my friends, so treasure true friendship.. You may wish to keep me at arms length, or out of your phone and address book, but love or hate me, you can never keep me out of your heart, for however you label me I will always remain ......TRUE.
United Kingdom
Baz Clarke