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United States


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hai my dear bro Flo Rida i am zack the number one flo rida fan in the world i am from india i am allways search in the internet flo songs...i like flo's new song how i feel great rap..i really wanna see him and sing a song with him my dream is perform a live show with him and i really wanna be a member in his img strong arm i am allways tweet flo on twitter but no response i dont know why but i like only one flo rida..he is the king of rap he is better than eminem,jay-z,50 cent..i like all flo rida songs flo man please see this video and reply me this video is my editing watch it flo please i dedicate this video for flo rida..thanks..[wIld rOCk number 1 Flo Rida fan(

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You are the Bestt !!!

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Just google and u will see its a fake profile lol

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hey flo my daughter says ur her uncle and would like to meet u

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Are you still looking for artist if so you can check us out @ nexxlevelrebbelmusicgroup we do all kind of music from hip hop to dub-set

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Flo Rida you NEED no wait you HAVE to make a trip to Austin.. You have never had a show here and we would greatly appreciate a show.. You are my hero and your music, tattoos, personality is superb!! you need to be cloned!

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I can only say that I love your songs your style and every thing you do for the children.thanks you for all. I'm crazy about you now. and it's the first time of my life I can said that I'm fan of someone. I hope I hope you gone come an tour in paris.

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Where can I mail a letter to Flo Rida?

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Biggest fan here mate I think your something different u have the most catchiest tunes goin can't get enough of them but the question for me is when are u finally gonna come an tour the uk I wanna come see u proform live an maybe meet u in person if the chance comes along it would be a dream come true drop an inbox to me would love to speak to mr international himself peace out

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Love U,Love Your Songs. I wish you will come to my City.. :) :***

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Hope you come back to Teresina!

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I wish with all my heart that you have all the happiness in the world, that God give him health, love, peace and happiness. Happy Birthday Tramar Dillard.

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Hello Dear
My name is Miss blessing.i saw your profile now I became interesting to know you and be friend with you.please Contact me directly to my e-mail address below and I promise to send you my photo as soon as i received your reply in my may box below and tell you more about my life OK. thanks.
waiting to read from you soon (

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your cousin spect8e is a good rapper you should listen to him

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I got Only One Flo (Part 1) in the post today, really glad I bought it, it's so ace! :D
I don't know if you came to Scotland or not, but you need to :)

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Great show yesterday in Munich!!! You were so awesome!!! Hope you come back one day ;-)

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Flo Rida, please come to Denmark.!!!! you and your music is've made my life twice as good, and something worth living for :D

Laurits Staxen Lind, Denmark

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Flo Rida we love you!You're the best

Nick from Greece!

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Your are the best.
But I have a question - Why you haven't make the who dat girl video in HD ?

Please can you come to Madrid,Spain Soon.

I'm really a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You are the best and soo nice :)

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You are the best and soo nice :)

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Your part 1 album shows that there really is only ONE FLO

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when will you be back in cairns?