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john rida


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John Rida
About Me: 
My name is Carlos and I like playing basketball, I'm in a team of friends who've played around 15 years together or more, and also from time to time I like to go to parties, I love the holidays and spend a nice time in company of good friends. I studied accounting at the Technological Institute of Ciudad Guzman, I graduated in 2005 and now I work for a company that produces Berris and exports to USA, when I have free time I like to cook for the family, they say they like what I make, and I thank them very much and they eat it, the music I like to hear is your music Flo rida, I like a lot, videos, etc., your music makes me put in a good mood, accelerate my senses, I stress out, etc.
Cd. Guzmán
As number one listen to the music of Florida, 100% Fan, play bol basketball, read interesting articles on the internet about health, self improvement, prayers and prayers to our Lord Jesus, because I want to be a good man and constantly have in my mind that goal.
Favorite Bands: 
1. Flo rida 2. Aerosmith 3. Guns and roses
Juan Carlos Ramírez Antillón
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I have no twitter