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It takes a certain person to understand who i am for a reason. And no im not center of attention, or would like to be- I just feel that if everything went my way everything would be alright. And, acually, I know this would be true. Because i have went through hell and back and learned from everything- yet im still here---waiting on my moment to show everyone what i mean by this. I am writing a song called "en eerier"-- backwards in french. And thats how it starts. Everyone always told me "you look like your getting younger throughout the years, why?? in the bible he clearly states "no one will come into my kingdom until he/she is a little child. Yet, i am so smart i look dumb. I struggled with tests my entire life- the only test i past with 100% is the presidency test- and this was even when i was getting special ed type of learning. And i dont ever lie,so if you really do wounder-- ask my teachers at the harbor why. Get a lie detector test and strap it to my heart, ill show you victom, and you show me crime when were done, because what i dont understand is how you can judge me when you dont even no if you have the right person to begin with, you dont listen or pay attention- and because of this is why so many people have killed themselves, and lost good jobs, and go to drugs. Maybe change this- and the world will change. Till then, i will pray you get hearing aids and dont EVER have to listen to me bitch on how i no it all, because i learned it all the hard way. You tell me, how do you get a job when you have a bad background? How do you get your family back after a drug-abuse suicide lesson? how do you explain to someone that they can trust you, because of all the bad things you been through-because of all the names you took blame for- reguardless of the bad side of you-- that because of the way it looks, is why you can trust me. I just trusted the wrong people. sad story but 100% truth. the only thing i fear is depending on death to be free and fighting for no reason, fighting just to bleed. this is me- who i was- and trying to find a new me, the one who deserves it all, me- who can finally see.
des moines
skateing, swimming, chatting, learning, writing music, driving, praying, working, and meeting new people
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rihanna, lil wayne, nicki minaj, t.i, t-pain, flo rider, rick ross, eminem, tim mcgraw, nelly, katie perry, lincoln park, gucci man, future, miley cyrus, meek mill, deanna carter, waka flocka, bruno mars, french montana, and 2 pac
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