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  • Flo Rida chats with Roberto from 958 Capital FM backstage at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball at The O2. Watch the interview above!

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  • Boardwalk-inspired games, funhouse mirrors, sparkling dartboards and an endless supply of the sparkling liqueur, Nuvo, set the celebratory vibe at the private press reception for rapper Flo Rida’s new album, Only One Flo (Part 1). The festive event, held in New York City’s Carnival, complemented the rapper’s up-tempo catalog of club hits such as “Low,” “Right Round,” and his latest chart topper, "Club Can’t Handle Me". Rolling out decided to dig beneath the fun surface and tap into Flo Rida’s serious thoughts as he talked about being weary of relationships, mainstream hip-hop’s glamorization of the thug life and how travelling has given him humility. –souleo

    Mainstream hip-hop often comes under fire for its degrading lyrics about women. Yet, you grew up with seven sisters, so has that given you a different perspective on women?

    For the most part it [makes] me [have] respect for women. At the same time I am hesitant about having a girlfriend 'cause it’s like answering to eight different women, including my mom. But I do know a lot about women.

    Mainstream hip-hop also glamorizes the thug life in certain cases. You have that street appeal but you’re not known to gloat about the street lifestyle.

    I [have] always been a leader and [I] made [the] decision not to do certain things that deal with negativity. Growing up in the projects I remember this one church had different celebrities come out and speak.

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  • Check out Flo Rida on MTV's "10 on Top" tomorrow at 11:30am! "10 on Top" is a half-hour countdown of the Top 10 most texted and talked about young celebs at the moment! For more info on the show, visit

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  • caught up with Flo last night at Carnival in New York City and sat down with him after he played a few booth games--he even won a Teddy Bear for the new woman in his life. They asked Flo about his new album, pop sound, as well as his new relationship. Check out what Flo had to say below!

    Flo Rida on Tupac: "On the song, "Come With Me" I use Tupac. I sample his lyrics. I don't necessarily use him talking but it's me using some of the "Hail Mary" lyrics. I have always been a big fan of Tupac and I feel like no one has really given him a proper tribute and I'm looking forward to shooting the video for that. It's just amazing to look at your album and see that Tupac is one of the writers on your album. So that record stands out. Because it shows my versatility in that I'm doing a more melodic thing. It shows another range of my style."

    Flo Rida on making it: "Think about me not being a rapper. With you telling me that I've made it, it feels like I'm dreaming now. It's just a blessing. I used to pick up my bible and that was that was the first thing I did. Thank God. After that I continued to work hard. I was never afraid to get no sleep, never afraid to travel across the country and end up living on the streets for something I love to do. I felt like God would have my back because he knows my passion and I would never give up. There was never a plan b.

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