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  • The countdown is ON and there are only 10 days left until Flo Rida's new album ONLY ONE FLO (PART 1) hits stores everywhere on 11/30! Grab the official countdown widget above and listen to snippets of the entire new album!

    There's still time to pre-order exclusive bundles, available only on! Click HERE to pre-order your copy of ONLY ONE FLO (PART 1) NOW!

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  • Envy Nightclub in Mackay, Australia was the place to be last night when chart topping rap star Flo Rida hit the stage. Described as a once-in-a-lifetime musical opportunity for Mackay residents, Flo Rida's appearance generated a tidal wave of excitement among R&B and rap lovers in the region.

    Missed it? No problem, The Daily Mercury has got you covered. Hit up for exclusive photos from the night.

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  • Only 11 days left until Flo Rida's highly anticipated new album, ONLY ONE FLO (PART 1) hits stores everywhere! The new album features 'Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)', the new banga 'Who Dat Girl' ft. Akon, and the international smash hit 'Club Can't Handle Me' ft. David Guetta! ONLY ONE FLO (PART 1) also features appearances by Kevin Rudolf, Ludacris, Git Fresh, Gucci Mane and more!

    Pick up ONLY ONE FLO (PART 1) at the retail locations below, and click HERE to check out exclusive pre-order bundles, available only on!

    Standard CD - $5.99
    *Sale price valid 11/30/10 – 12/4/10

    Standard CD - $7.99
    In stores November 30

    Standard CD - $7.99
    *Sale price valid 11/30/10 – 12/4/10

    Standard Version - $7.99 | Pre-Order
    Deluxe Version - $9.99 | Pre-Order

    Flo Rida's Online Store:
    Standard CD - $7.99 | Pre-Order
    Standard Digital - $7.99 | Pre-Order

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    November 18, 2010

    Flo Rida has managed to float between Hip-Hop and Pop with ease and its sold him a bunch of records in the process. Read's new interview with Flo Rida below!

    Time and time again, Flo Rida has proven that he has "the Midas touch." In spite of the music industry's ballyhooed downward spiral, Flo has sold more than 10 million digital copies of his popular club anthems over the past three years. For this reason, he has firmly supplanted himself as the undisputed "King of the Club."

    From "Low" to "Right Round," in addition to a string of guest appearances, Tramar "Flo Rida" Dillard has crafted a sonic style that is immediately recognizable, memorable and unique. And with the release of his third studio album (on November 30, 2010), he is resolute in his reminder to the world: "there is Only One Flo."

    Upon the release of the album's lead single, "Club Can't Handle Me," Flo Rida managed to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Clayton Perry – reflecting on his formative years in Las Vegas, the importance of "connecting" with fans, and his professional relationship with Walt Disney Studios. Although you were born-and-raised in Florida, you also spent a great deal of time in Vegas, as well. In what ways have those two regions influenced and affected the direction of your career?

    Flo Rida: Living in Vegas has definitely exposed me to an international audience because people around the world travel to Vegas

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  • Flo Rida is giving away an iPad each week in honor of the new album! Enter by retweeting #ONLYONEFLO HERE! We'll be randomly selecting one winner each week until the week of November 30th - so start tweeting now for your chance to win! Enter now:

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  • Ever wonder what Flo Rida was like as a teenager? What did Flo do differently than you to get where he is? And what did he do the same? Find out what car he drove, the clothes he wore, his favorite hang-outs, and more in an all new episode of MTV's "When I Was 17" premiering this Saturday at 11am ET! Tune in this Saturday to get a rare look at Flo's life before he was famous! For more info on the show visit - and make sure you tune in Saturday to watch!


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