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ryder recovery

ryder recovery
Posted by Gardens admin  |  3 years 7 months ago

yep, i dont care. its black n white- and i no im worth more then whos next in line of who to compare. I just remember, i was supposed to sing a song one day and i thought i was either A) HALLUCINATEING, OR B) IN A COMMA. Instead of singing, i was hosting a careless meeting. then i stoped stripping, and lost all my real friends. things started changeing, and my heart started fadeing. i dont know why im even writeing this, i no im not your ryder/writter. But, if you could wake me up, or change my eye balls id change my entire life to see what you people do everyday. Till then, its still nice to chat with a keyboard who doesnt talk shit back.

Love ur music reguardless,